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  • Coronavirus-scarred cities need 鈥榮omething bigger than the New Deal鈥 just to cope

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    鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥"Daniel O'Day disclosed in an open letter that as of yesterday, some initial websites in the United States had been started and operated, and it is expected that websites in other countries will soon start鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. State and city case report: two confirmed cases are husband and wife, Danish鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥Suzhou residence is Zhongyin Crown International

    Coronavirus-scarred cities need 鈥榮omething bigger than the New Deal鈥 just to cope

    鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥male, 57 years old; female, 55 years old鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥March 13, the couple set out from Toronto, Canada, via Taipei, and flew to Thailand鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥March 21, from Thailand to Pudong Airport, Shanghai. When they arrived, their wife had pharyngeal discomfort, which was relieved鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥after entering the customs The working group of Suzhou City made a special vehicle transfer and arrived at the isolation medical observation鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥on March 22. On March 27, the nucleic acid test results of both husband and wife were positive. They were transferred from 120 ambulances to the city designated medical institutions for isolation treatment. CT showed that the lungs of the two people were abnormal changes

    鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. On March 28, the two husband and wife were confirmed as confirmed cases鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. At present, Suzhou City has accumulated reports of confirmed cases imported from abroad Novel coronavirus pneumonia鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. For example, when we make financial investment, we can't only look at the rate of return. Only when we consider both the risk and the return can we formulate the optimal and suboptimal investment strategy

    鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. This is also the case for enterprises. This epidemic givesA lesson for enterprises is whether the supply chain is decentralized enough to affect the risk position of enterprises in the future. I have taught risk management for so many years. Risk has always been an abstract problem for many people. Only specific risk events can make people feel the impact of risk鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥comparison: how much impact will it have on China's economy? Chen Zhiwu: we can see that this epidemic is not only affected by enterprises in Wuhan鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. Because China's import and export trade accounts for a high proportion of GDP, once the economy highly dependent on import and export faces the upsurge of anti globalization, it will definitely be impacted鈥榮omethingbiggerthantheNewDeal鈥. That's why economists and scholars have been calling for changing the growth mode for so many years, from excessive dependence on investment And the transformation of import and export to private consumption and domestic demand

    but the growth mode of China's high investment and high export needs fundamental institutional reform, and the market should play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. If China's economy is still highly dependent on import and export, once the momentum of globalization suffers setbacks, China's economy will suffer setbacks

    Coronavirus-scarred cities need 鈥榮omething bigger than the New Deal鈥 just to cope

    : but I We always hear that Chinese people are rich and spend luxury goods in foreign countries. At home, they also feel that they spend a lot. Chen Zhiwu: This is a good understanding. Most people in China are not so rich, and some rich people want to spend their money quickly for some reasons. Many a shares are artificially inflated, and real estate prices are also outrageous, long-term Investment is also unrealistic, so in such a big environment, money is spent, and it's a best policy after spending. On the other hand, many people in China believe in raising children to prevent the elderly, and relying on their children to maintain their old life

    . They don't have a strong sense of investment and financing related to pension security. In a comprehensive view, China is not the same due to culture, national system, internal spiritual fields and other reasons Consumer driven countries: in addition to the supply chain, will the outbreak cause the United States and Europe to re measure their relationship with China? Chen Zhiwu: China China tr., led by the US, is also reconsidering China's relations. The recognition of China is constantly adjusting

    the difference between China and other countries is shown in detail.

    the epidemic is also a major test of the world bureaucracy. The local government responded to Wuhan before the city closed, while in the us the trump government opened it. It's also against virusesThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is aware of the danger but not prepared so much that the U.S., with the most advanced technology in the world, has not been able to fully test suspected casesuntil now, and the Ministry of health has told the public that only 10% of the masks and protective facilities needed by the medical system are needed, but there is almost no action

    Coronavirus-scarred cities need 鈥榮omething bigger than the New Deal鈥 just to cope

    . The U.S. response is from the private sector , initiated by the local government, shouted by the media, cancelled by the NBA, suspended classes spontaneously in many school districts, and finally the central government took action. From the perspective of human history, the way of human society responding to risks has been developing. China has started a risk response mechanism dominated by the government since the Zhou Dynasty, and the European social government has played a role in modern times Only a few, I summarized four lines of defense for human risk response: the first line of defense is family organization and clan system, which is relatively complete in India for example; the second line of defense is cross clan organization such as church, Buddhist temple, Taoist temple, community mutual aid organization among the people, community, various non-profit organizations, which is the most specific response to risk in western society The third largest line of defense is the government; the fourth line of defense is the modern insurance market or other financial markets, as well as listed companies, hospitals and so on.we find that in the 08 years of the US financial crisis and the real estate bubble burst in Japan in 90s, people living there did not see much water and the people still live as usual (锛塈f there is a similar economic crisis in China, the first line of defense, such as the family, has little effect, the second line is almost nonexistent, and the financial market behind the fourth line is also controlled by the government and the state. Therefore, China can only rely on the government as a single wooden bridge. From the perspective of Hubei Wuhan anti epidemic, we can see that the Chinese government, as the only anti risk object, is not omnipotent, In the United States, even if the president is incompetent or does not respond in a timely manner, the governors, mayors and district governors have a lot of decision-making power to give orders. In addition to the spontaneous defense of civil churches, public companies and schools, multi-level and multiple error correction mechanisms interact with each other independently The mechanism does not work, and there are other standby mechanisms, which makes the United States have strong error correction ability, which is also a disaster or difficulty in the United StatesOne of the most important reasons why it's not so bad after the difficultythe premise of a strong bottom-up error correction mechanism is that each organization has independent decision-making power and sufficient resources to use

    01 / 23 department jointly issued 19 measures to promote consumption. These cities have become red packets 02 / people close to the policy level: promote the high-quality development policy of national high tech Zone or land in the near future 03 / Australian College Home reflection: we should implement the border ban on the United States earlier 04 / Super 8 to introduce the automobile stimulus policy, car enterprise executives hope that the new energy subsidies will not decline 05 / Huawei Alibaba competes for the new infrastructure: industry insiders remind us to avoid the "great leap forward" 06 / cross border E-commerce life and death robbery: orders decline, payback and slow layoffs to reduce costs 07 / the largest economic stimulus plan of the United States is a "powerful medicine"? 08 / global auto companies shut down factories and impact on imported cars or show poor economy after May 09 / why do the us pay and China issue consumer coupons? 10 / Economic Observer: globalization press the pause button but not the end 01 / alarm rings: these stocks reported a quarterly net profit cut the 13 shares of performance but doubled against the trend 02 / can not be ignored! One newly confirmed case in Henan Province! The world has broken through 660000, and the U.S. has grown by more than 20000 a day 03 / many countries purchase anti epidemic materials from Chinese enterprises, listed companies prepare for export 04 / Wall Street experts warn: U.S. stocks have not yet reached the bottom, stock market is rising or "bull trap" 05 / New York under the impact of the new crown epidemic: it has almost become a "desolate place" 06 / international aviation industry has been hit hard, Australian crew members choked goodbye to the $07 / 4.3 billion merger and acquisition gamble, and now 80% of China's lithium industry has lost Bogged down 08 / the world's largest vehicle fuel consumer, the U.S. gasoline consumption plummeted, the crude oil market was hit again 09 / the oil crisis hit the oil industry, the "Texas miracle" was frozen 10 / can the ventilator be arranged? Trump: don't be like a cute one 01 / Ping An brand value of China ranks among the top 10 in the world for the first time 02 / 16 domestic financial institutions are shortlisted among the top 500 global brand values in 2020 03 / Chairman of Bank of Ningbo: Top 10 measures to fight the epidemic, send care 04 / Chairman of micro Bank: precision help to fight the epidemic 05 / Chongqing Branch of China CITIC Bank issues 90.67 million yuan discount loan to help anti epidemic enterprises 06 / Bank of Hankou Chairman of the bank: stick to the main battlefield and strive to take on the mission of financial anti epidemic 07 / people's Bank of ChinaPresident Yi Gang attends the international monetary and financial committee video conference 08 / Texas crude oil regulatory authority: pipeline companies require some oil producers to cut production 09 / heavy economic cost highlights? Gold market outlook: large and small Non-agricultural enterprises are expected to come to bear the risk of significant selling

    . Original title: is Rhett seway effective? Data in a few weeks! On March 29, Gilead announced that it has provided readcivir to more than 1000 patients, and will provide more severe patients with new coronavirus infection with readcivirthrough the "expand access" program. Meanwhile, Gilead made it clear that there are a number of related studies in progress, and it is expected to obtain preliminary data

    in the next few weeks as a coronavirus Hitherto unknown, novel coronavirus began to study Reed's potential for treatment. For a long time, he was able to take the lead in treating