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  • . Beijing Research added 100000 new energy indicators? Novel coronavirus pneumonia

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    "Foucault, Hobbes and all kinds of western theories, that is, our humanistic skills. However, the young generation realizes that the main contradiction dominating the contemporary world is the international rank of China and the West The struggle of order is the competition between the community of destiny and the hegemonic hierarchy. The Western powers, under the banner of civilization, continue to teach us to be human beings. If we don't master the order, we will die.

    to solve the internal and external conflicts, we need a high degree of cognitive ability and balance ability. Compared with the whole world, China has done a good job.this aspect is not here to say more. The new generation of thinkers have said a lot 锛塛hat we know is natural, what we don't understand is impossible.we are in spring, and spring will also be full of diseases.this apocalyptic epidemic has brought great power games, social chaos, personal gains and losses, and different themes of the times together.this is a multi voice drama arranged by fate.

    we are willing to hold our main play and enjoy the local comedy.let Fang Fang's diary be buried in spring.medical personnel? The trump administration has come up with a clever idea

    . The State Department has put up a notice specifically: we encourage people to seek work or make friends in the United StatesProfessional medical staff, novel coronavirus pneumonia specialists who are committed to treating or relieving the new crown pneumonia, have to contact the nearest embassy or consulate forvisa. The United States has the priority to say no to immigrants. Now, the situation is critical, turning 180 degrees, but medical personnel are also strategic resources. Some countries and regions have restricted the mask and doctors.even if someone gets a U.S. visa and the flight stops, they can't go to the U.S.

    what the U.S. can do is a ventilator.there is an urgent need for a ventilator all over the world.

    this is the core device to save patients.a Spanish doctor tearfully tells the terrible scene of the lack of a ventilator: the elderly over 65 are forced to pick it Drop the ventilator, use the sedative to suppress the pain, wait for deaththere are a few respirators, to be left to younger people The doctor was in tears: "as a doctor, I cry every night, but I have to work on the second day. The world has gone mad.the hospital is full, and the corridor is full of patients. We are deciding the life and death of others.

    " it is heartbreaking to see thatduring the extraordinary period, the ventilator is hard to findaccording to the information, the ventilator is expensive The technical threshold is relatively high, so the global production capacity is mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States and China. Although China is a world factory, it can provide enough masks to the world, and it has been fully powered to provide respirators to the international community. For example, musk purchased 1255 respirators from China, and China also exported at least 10 to Italy 00 ventilators But in the field of respirators, Chinese enterprises are not the main actors

    . So, although they still scolded the governor of New York at the beginning, trump quickly turned around and asked the United States to produce a respirator at once, regardless of using wartime laws and regulations, at the same time, at the same time, at the same time, he asked the United States to produce a respirator. Trump actually has a clear mind

    . First, it's about saving people, it's about the United States China's death rateis not enough ventilator, and the death rate must be high

    . Secondly, it is also related to exports. Thirdly, it is related to the profit rate of American enterprises. After all, it is a high value-added product. Thirdly, it is related to America's wartime response ability and international influence. Not all countries canThe first time I got an American ventilator The epidemic is extremely urgent. The United States is going all out, and trump is ready to do a bigit's not a bad thing. After all, the epidemic has no borders. The virus is the enemy of all mankind. The world's real prevention and control of the epidemic depends not on the best country, but on the worst country. If the United States is out of control, the world will suffer the same. Therefore, the United States , you really need to come on! But from another point of view, we should also reflect on the value of masks and respirators. When the world's factories are launched, they can provide enough masks to the world, but they can't produce enough respirators

    . We have to admit that this is really a short board of the world's factories!锘縊riginal title: Hubei unsealing: in the isolation period of pressure mountain, after Hubei unsealed, we will go back to Beijing, but we do not want a few families to be isolated for 14 days and pay tens of thousands of yuan, let alone give up their dignity

    . On the morning of February 12, I waited in line to enter Mengze market, but before I finished buying vegetables, Yunmeng County began to In basic necessities of life, novel coronavirus pneumonia was introduced in Beijing in 2003. In 2020, I encountered a newin Yunmeng County, Hubei Province, China. I spent 20 years in Beijing as a working person. The two time of death was quite different. The two cases of SARS brought more limited mental stress, and the influence of coronary pneumonia on my clothing, food and shelter. All kinds of unexpected difficulties

    our family left Beijing on January 19, and returned to the hometown of Zhangjiapo, geputan Town, Yunmeng County, Hubei Province on January 20.Wuhan was closed on January 23, and Xiaogan was closed at 24:00 on January 24. After that, we returned to Yunmeng County under the jurisdiction of Xiaogan on January 25.