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  • Did someone get away with a gruesome murder?

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    . Until December last year, after the relevant organization departments inspected Ren Deqi himself, Ren Deqi officially became Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Bank of communications The first position

    China is concerned about the safety and health of Chinese citizens and overseas students in the United States. He promised to "protect" them. Because "the American people have great respect and love for the Chinese people"think of using the words "Chinese virus" on social media a few days ago, how can trump's attitude be different? There may be several explanations

    Did someone get away with a gruesome murder?

    . First, in the year of the general election, the epidemic was out of control and the stock market was in turmoil, which caused worries about economic recession.trump was facing a "big test" and was eager to find a solution.no matter for policy mistakes or other reasons, the spread of the new crown virus was far faster than the U.S. government expected.

    Did someone get away with a gruesome murder?

    in just half a month, the number of confirmed patients in the United States soared to 100000, becoming a new epidemic "Epicenter"from "the United States has the most abundant resources" to asking for help everywhere, the U.S. government began to be pragmatic and seriously began to deal with the epidemic

    Did someone get away with a gruesome murder?

    "the situation is better than people"The U.S. government seems to have finally recognized a reality: in the face of the epidemic, it is difficult for the United States to be independent

    . Second, China's war "epidemic" has achieved important results in stages. The local epidemic has basically been controlled. China's wisdom, experience and prescription have been recognized by the world, and the world has benefited from them. However, the U The U.S. who asked for help got "inspiration" from China's experience. China's unreserved sharing of information with the U.S. is useful to the U A few days ago, some high-level politicians in the United States have been using "cold war thinking" to deal with China. Experts say that the current situation in Hong Kong is under control, and there is no such phenomenon as Hong Kong's new crown lungThere are no signs of outbreak, but there are two key factors worthy of attention

    . The first is new cases. If there is a continuous three digit increase in a week, it means that there is a possibility of outbreak. The second is source confirmation. If all or part of the newly confirmed cases cannot trace the source, that is to say, they do not know where the patients are infected, they may also lead to outbreak

    experts Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, which is a focus on the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak