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    鈥檚. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company was concerned and inquired about, not less than鈥檚. Today, Didi is still the only one in the field of intelligent travel, according to the data of trustdata In the field of transportation and travel, Didi's monthly life dropped at least鈥檚in February, and whether didi can seize the opportunity after the outbreak or become the key to achieve an overall 40-50% growth in 2020

    鈥檚鈥檚. Original title: the 50th anniversary of the dissolution of the Beatles, the manuscript of HeyJude will be auctioned on April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney锛塗he Beatles' songs are still sung all over the world 50 years after the announcement of their retirement from the Beatles鈥檚, and the cultural relics related to the Beatles have been widely sought after, such as John Lennon's glasses and guitar鈥檚, according to Julien's auctions official website: on April 10, 2020, the Beatles will be dissolved for 50 weeks At the beginning of the year, there will be nearly 300 souvenirs in the New York auction鈥檚which will record a sad story. The wooden stage of the auction comes from the lathom Hall

    Reportedly drawn Trump鈥檚 ire

    鈥檚, the hometown of the Beatles, Liverpool, England. In 1960, the band officially decided to start with the name of "the silver Beatles" and perform and publicize here鈥檚(I) Until 1962, before the release of the first Beatles album love me do, they performed on this stage for more than ten times鈥檚. It is undeniable that didi still has an absolute advantage in the main business

    鈥檚. But compared with the whole traffic market, Didi's penetration rate does have a lot of room to improve鈥檚in 2016 Liu Qing, President of Didi, said at the China Internet Conference that the penetration rate of China's intelligent travel is only 1%, while that of the United States is 15%, which means that China's online travel market has a very large growth space鈥檚. At that time, Liu Qing explained that, limited to the environment of urban population, China's urban population is 800 million, one person goes out once or twice a day, 800 million people go out every day About 1.1-1.3 billion times, Didi platform has14 million orders have been completed, so our penetration rate is only about 1%鈥檚. According to the above algorithm, in 2019, China's urban permanent population is nearly 850 million. According to the data released by Liuqing in July 2019, the orders on didi platform are about 20 million to 30 million a day. According to this calculation, the penetration rate is less than 3%

    Reportedly drawn Trump鈥檚 ire

    . According to a middle-level representation who recently left Didi, Didi The daily peak value of the platform is 20 million, and the peak value of such special days as the Spring Festival 11 may reach 50 million, but there is only one or two days of early peak. The new goal is not empty talk, but many insiders of didi told tech planet (wechat ID: tech618), the daily average is 100 million, which is very challenging, "if the vehicle delivery of shared bicycles is controlled, then Strictly, even if the country has penetration coverage, the peak is 20 million single

    Reportedly drawn Trump鈥檚 ire

    at most. In the field of cycling, Hello, and meituan, which has acquired Moby, each competitor should not be underestimated. Therefore, to achieve this goal, it is very important to play the gameaccording to the 2018-2023 Research Report on the development prospects and investment opportunities of China's online car Hailing industry released by China Academy of industry and commerce It shows that at present, the main battlefield of Internet travel in China is concentrated in the first tier cities and the second tier cities, with penetration rates of 40.1% and 17.3% respectively, while the third tier and the fourth tier cities are still huge cakes waiting to be excavated, which is also supported by Didi's middle-level resignation

    . He said that Didi's penetration rate in the third tier and the fourth tier cities is very low, even in big cities like beishangguangshen, The penetration rate is not high either. "In Beijing, it's only 20%"therefore, Didi wants to achieve a daily average of 100 million orders. In China, the first thing to do is to sink"when the price drops, users will get more cars, and more orders will make drivers more likely to earn money. Expanding the coverage rate is indeed the right direction, the core or how to expand"didi left the job Layer said, "didi must have cheaper innovative products to service travel, such as bicycles, motorcycles, minibuses, bus like businesses and so on"

    . In fact, Didi does involve such businesses. In terms of organizational structure, these businesses are jointly classified into inclusive travel and service business group, which is in charge of public transport business unit, enterprise level business unit and Valet business unitThe former senior vice president of Didi, Fu Junhua, was in charge of the two wheeled vehicle business department (TRAM and motorcycle). However, in the internal letter issued by didi on March 24, the former senior vice president of Didi, Fu Junhua, left. After the general manager of the two wheeled vehicle business department, Zhang Zhidong, and the general manager of the driving business department, Zhao Hui, left, they will report the adjustment and didi directly to CEO Cheng Wei Didi's strategic goal of 100 million orders per day is highly consistent, and the change of reporting level also shows Didi's attention to the business, "Didi's biggest barrier now is scale". The above-mentioned middle-level representation of Didi's resignation

    Reportedly drawn Trump鈥檚 ire

    scale means that the algorithm is accurate, more efficient scheduling, higher efficiency and greater valuationproblems and competitors, but didi wants to expand the rules It's not easy

    Reportedly drawn Trump鈥檚 ire

    the current dilemma is the epidemic. According to the big data of trustdata, the monthly life of Didi's trip in February was 19.62 million, down 28.34% month on month. According to truystdata, before Didi's downwind car went offline, its monthly life was nearly 50 million