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  • the controlling shareholder's increase in shareholding and confidence

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    Chen Qingfeng's circle of friends wrote on February 9 that: Recently, four friends came to me: the expert glasses of the medical support team in other provinces were damaged, I hope to getTo help.in addition, at the end of the day, the growth of the S & P 500 index also fell rapidly, ending up% while the Nasdaq composite index ended down%.such a trend tells us the fact that investors hold different attitudes towards different sectors.

    Boeing's skyrocketing technology stocks fell across the board although many analysts agreed that such a stock market was oversold, hoping to see a rapid rebound, but many famous investors called for, and so on, and the market did not send a clear signal of a formal rebound.for example, the Dow is basically supported by Boeing.the market has predicted that Boeing will accept the assistance of the financial stimulus bill, which will cause the share price of the company to soar%, and Boeing's weight in the whole Dow index has reached%, that is to say, Boeing contributed% of the% increase of the Dow index, while the remaining 29 constituent stocks contributed only% of the total increase.not to mention the Nasdaq, Facebook, Google, Netflix, apple and Amazon, which are major technology stocks, basically fell.the title of an article recently published by CNBC, an American financial media, is very interesting. It is translated as "it's time to separate wheat from chaff". It means that investors should carefully select stocks and plates, rather than hope that the market will rebound strongly at this time, because the basic turning point of the epidemic has not come, and the impact on the future economy is not significant Clear.

    on Thursday, the market focused on the employment data. It is expected that millions of people will lose their jobs. Next, on Thursday, there will be a very important indicator, namely the employment data, which will be released about half an hour before the opening of Thursday.this data is important because it will be the first official economic indicator that will tell people how much the epidemic will hit the U.S. labor market.Bach said that although it was the first time in history that the Olympic Games had been postponed, he believed that a perfect puzzle could be completed.

    Bach also said frankly that the IOC now faces a huge challenge, that is, the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Dakar Youth Olympic Games will be held one after another.however, he said that he would not regret the response to the crisis. He acknowledged that the cancellation of the Olympic Games was once taken into consideration, but it was obviously not the preferred option of the IOC. City Vice President and director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Wang Jianliu(end), director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said that in recent years, the incidence rate of endometrial cancer has shown an increasing trend in the world. In some big cities of China, endometrial cancer ranks the top in the three malignant tumors of gynecology and has a tendency to become younger. At present, about 1/3 of the patients with endometrial cancer are Women under 45 working age.

    in the picture, the yellow part of the uterus is the ovary, the dark red part is the muscle wall of the uterus, and the pink part is the endometrium. Endometrial lesions are called endometrial cancer.uterine cavityThe anterior and posterior walls of endometrial carcinoma are the most common sites.

    usually, the endometrium will fall off regularly with the menstrual cycle. If the endometrium is stimulated by hormone, especially estrogen, it will grow excessively, which will lead to cancer.in recent years, various activities in the form of online have enriched people's home life, brought new experiences to people, and opened up more possibilities for future life.what cloud life projects have you experienced recently? Last week, a survey of 3004 respondents conducted by the social survey center of China Youth Daily showed that cloud office cloud learning cloud shopping cloud spring appreciation is one of the several cloud life projects that people experience more, and% of respondents felt that they had more cloud life recently than before.% of the respondents think that cloud life enhances people's confidence in anti epidemic, and% of the respondents think it will accelerate people's consumption habits from offline to online.

    % of the respondents felt that Zhang Yuxuan (pseudonym) had recently lived in the cloud more fully than ever before. She worked in a public institution in Beijing and usually liked to visit scenic spots. After the outbreak, she had not been able to go out to play.many scenic spots have opened panoramic online tour services recently.two days ago, I watched the live broadcast of Longmen Grottoes scenic spot in Henan Province. There was a professional guide to explain it in detail, and I was able to answer questions online. The experience was very good.at the time of the most serious epidemic, my husband and I were worried about too many people going to the supermarket for shopping. Every night, we would place an order on the e-commerce platform to buy food materials, which were delivered early the next morning.

    once when we wanted to eat hot pot, the restaurant didn't open the door, so we went from the bottom of the pot to fresh food and bought them all in one stop on the e-commerce platform.I ate it at noon the next day, full of happiness.

    Zhang Yuxuan said.the 23-year-old Cheng yunyun (pseudonym) has just been working. Recently, he has been cooking and eating alone, feeling a little bored. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, he often has cloud cooking and cloud gathering with friends. Everyone has dinner while chatting, which is very lively.

    in the survey, percent of the respondents felt that their cloud life was more fulfilling recently than before.cloud Office (%) cloud spring appreciation (%) and cloud learning (%) are several kinds of cloud life projects that people experience more.others: cloud shopping (%), cloud variety (%), cloud tourism (%), cloud Party (%), etc.Liu Hao (pseudonym) is an employee of a private enterprise in Beijing. Recently, the whole family is in the cloud mode: daughter cloud studies, and he works with lover cloud.the company held several cloud meetings.for the first time, we were not proficient in operation and did not adapt to the online scene. Now, after adapting, the effect is good.

    I have only been to the company three times during the cloud office, and I have to deal with the offline work such as sending documents, signing and sealing.I used to go to the gym twice a week. I couldn't go to the gym before and after the Spring Festival, which made me very uncomfortable.

    now I watch the online fitness video every day and do exercises. I have enough time to exercise. I feel that my physical condition is better than before.Jiang Qiming (pseudonym), an employee of a public institution in Beijing, said that he had bought dumbbells, elastic ropes and other convenient fitness equipment on the Internet.

    % of the respondents think that cloud life has enhanced people's anti epidemic confidence. Zhang Yuxuan thinks that cloud life is convenient, efficient and time-saving. Cloud shopping saves me the time of shopping in the supermarket and on the road. Just make a list and buy directly on the platform.because it is a nearby purchase, it is basically delivered within one hour, and the experience is very good.

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