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  • Double-barreled storm system

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    because most of them are new players who take part in the Olympic Games for the first time, the Chinese women's volleyball team is facing a huge test in the Rio Olympic Games, which is a powerful opponent.

    like Huazhong University of science and technology, its affiliated Tongji Hospital, Xiehe Hospital and other 10 hospitals are all fighting at the forefront of the anti epidemic.they have invested more than 33000 medical staff and 8900 beds in total, and they have admitted nearly 5000 patients with severe and critical diseases.

    Double-barreled storm system

    there are also two well-known hospitals affiliated to Wuhan University: People's Hospital and Central South Hospital. More than 17000 medical staff and more than 8600 beds have been invested.in the fight against the epidemic, the medical teams of the two universities not only kept the main positions of 12 affiliated hospitals, but also fought continuously, taking over many hospitals such as Wuchang fangcang hospital, Wuhan sitting room fangcang hospital and Jianghan fangcang hospital.in particular, Central South Hospital of Wuhan University was also entrusted with the task of taking over leishenshan hospital.

    Double-barreled storm system

    the leishenshan hospital, built at the speed of China, has 1500 beds, 12 medical teams from all over the country, involving more than 230 units and more than 2300 medical staff. How to make the temporary hospital operate scientifically and efficiently? For the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, which is in charge of the takeover, it is a challenge that only wins but not loses. Novel coronavirus pneumoniaeverything in good order and well arranged in a month, the hospital has treated more than 2000 patients with severe and critical new crown pneumonia. Now 1499 patients are cured and discharged.

    Double-barreled storm system

    in this process, none of the medical staff was infected.

    apart fromThe two universities also give full play to the advantages of combination of multi-disciplinary and medical sciences to provide scientific and technological support for the front-line anti epidemic.in novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology invested 50 million yuan in funding and mobilized more than 30 research institutes to participate in the epidemic prevention and control research project. The focus was on the research of new crown pneumonia virus traceability, rapid detection and treatment, clinical drug screening, vaccine development and other aspects.

    for example, the school of basic medicine of Huazhong University of science and technology has rapidly carried out research on screening new anti coronavirus drugs for old drugs.they carried out super large-scale computer-aided drug screening for multiple target proteins of new coronavirus, and found five antiviral drugs that may be effective for new coronavirus from more than 8500 drugs that have been on the market or are in clinical trials for further drug research and development reference of relevant research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises.

    General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that throughout the history of human development, science and technology are the most powerful weapons for human beings to fight diseases. Human beings cannot do without scientific development and technological innovation.novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new infectious disease. We have not fully understood its transmission route, pathogenesis, treatment drugs and so on.