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  • Shop these 20 can鈥檛-miss sales that are happening right now

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    鈥檛. The monitoring showed that the residents picked up the little girl The child ran to the window and landed only 3 seconds later鈥檛01/ has been announced in 6 other鈥檛hospitals (Paul), which is also known as the

    Shop these 20 can鈥檛-miss sales that are happening right now

    鈥檛(Brazil) epidemic situation in Rio De Janeiro. The second largest Lu'an state in the world has also announced the construction of 6 new shelter hospitals鈥檛. The global sales of masks and the masks are over 3. 02 / Wall Street thrilled 03 / U.S. confirmed case breaking through $100000 U.S. stocks suffer heavy losses and the market may face major risks 04 / safe report shows that China is still the main destination of long-term capital investment 05 / Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic: 80% error rate in purchasing test kits from China is incorrect 06 / baoneige special meeting decided to purchase medical supplies worth about 3 million euros from China 07 / U.S.A Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still the danger of developing a new restaurant in the country. The new crown vaccine is still 12 to 18 months old 09/ 08/Guirenniao falls into debt chain crisis, more than 1 billion yuan of assets are frozen 10 / Harbin railway company suspends the export of important livelihood commodities 01 / sudden violence in large financial stocks means that there is more than expected policy at the weekend? 02 / US President trump officially signed the US $2 trillion economic stimulus bill 03 / close: US stocks closed down, Dow index fell more than 900 points and ended up three times in a row 04 / Trump's resumption of work under the soaring epidemic situation The approval of the 2005 / 2 trillion stimulus plan will be delayed? Because a congressman opposed the US congressman's rush back to Washington 06 / another lawsuit against Soochow Securities: 70 year old shareholders lost 5 million after opening the two financing 07 / the latest central bank setting: when will the six major targets of the next stage of interest rate reduction be reappeared? 08 / U.S. stocks plummeted across the board! The latest speech by Xu Xiaonian: this recession cycle must surpass the economic improvement in 2008. It depends on the evening announcement of listed companies on October 27, 2008! Wang Jingwu is to be vice president of "universal bank" 02 / Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee: guide the interest rate of loan market to go down and keep the liquidity reasonable and abundant 03 / summers: the real interest rate of the United States will fall to a negative value economy has been "Japanized" 04 / net profit of postal savings bank increased by 16.52% year on year Zhang Jinliang stressed the new retail transformation of Shenzhen 05 / management measures of the third party assessment organization of green mines in Liaoning Province (Trial) 06 / focus Digital technology and wealth management: the biggest increase in net profit of Everbright Bank in five years in 2019 07 / IMF conference: strong policy coordination is the key to solve the global crisis 08 / the non-performing rate of Bank of China continues to show the "muscle" of financial technology for three years 09 / central bank president Yi Gang attends the video conference of international monetary and financial commission10 / decision analysis: trump signs the stimulus bill, the US Novel coronavirus cases were broken through 100 thousand US dollars, and U.S. stocks suffered heavy losses. The market is facing major risks.鈥檛original title: the new gene detection kit of FDA was authorized by the FDA for emergency use (Xinhua Wang Cara). In March 27th, the Chinese gene announced that its new coronavirus nuclear acid detection kit was obtained by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency use authorization (EUA). The first novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnostic guideline for the public under the public crisis is the first licensed company.The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia鈥檛is available for sale in the US clinical market after commercial sales in the US clinical market. As of 26, 18, Eastern time (6 hours in Beijing time 27), the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States has reached 82404 cases, and has become the most diagnosed case in the world鈥檛. The test kit has previously obtained the medical device registration certificate issued by the National Drug Administration of China (nmpa) and obtained the EU CE certification

    鈥檛. Huada gene said that the company's new crown test product won the EUA, which is another milestone event for Huada gene to help the global epidemic prevention and control work, helping to provide high-quality and high-throughput testing services for the United States, and the results of nucleic acid testing can help medical professionals So far, Huada gene has produced more than 7 million copies of the kit, and has completed nearly 580000 copies of the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection鈥檛in China. The kit has been widely used in the anti epidemic "defense war" in Wuhan and Hubei and the national screening work for resumption of production鈥檛. If there is no epidemic, many insiders have predicted that the box office of the Spring Festival in 2020 is expected to break through 7 The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key part of the new Beijing crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and rehabilitation guidelines. The

    鈥檛is a daily operation. The key area is 8 times a day.鈥檛some of the theaters have adopted the way of locking the seats ahead of time. The鈥檛also means that the number of people who have been reduced to the number of people has been reduced significantly鈥檛. The

    has been helping themselves in the case of the epidemic. , change the operation strategy to reduce the cash flow pressure, "cloud store opening" has become a new trend. Many theaters adopt e-commerce sales mode, such as Wanda, Jinyi, Suning and other theaters open the mode of snack beverage online sales + offline distribution

    Shop these 20 can鈥檛-miss sales that are happening right now

    . The insiders believe that under the impact of the epidemic, it will accelerate the clearing and integration of theaters. According to the Research Report of Guosheng securities, 2019 The number of closed cinemas increased significantly in the year, and it is expected that the withdrawal of cinemas will be more normalized in the future. In 2019, there will be 466 closed cinemas in China, a significant increase compared with 361 closed cinemas in 2018. Star beauty Cinemas (134 closed) and small shadow casting (277 closed) are the main withdrawing entities. Meanwhile, the simultaneous closure of large and medium-sized shadow casting such as Dadi and Jinyi has also begun

    . In the closed cinemas, the box office is less than 3 million (which means that they will be closed) Loss on cash flowIn addition, 77% of them opened in 2015 or before (which means that the equipment is relatively old, or part of the investment has been recovered and they have the intention to withdraw). Currently, there are 1449 cinemas meeting the above conditions in stock cinemas, accounting for 12.7%, which are potential exits in the future Terminalshut down in 2020 has increased the operating pressure of cinemas, and it is expected that the number of shut downs will continue to grow. Even if the resumption of work, there are still many problems in the film and television industry. When can the resumption of work? At present, it is not knowneven if all theaters in the country are back to work, the test facing the industry should not be underestimated.

    as a theater, the first problem is that "it is difficult for a skillful woman to make a meal without rice". As a result of the suspension of the production team, the theater line "has no film to put"has been filmed and ready for the Spring Festival release. Because of the forerunner's experience of "embarrassed mother" and "Fat Dragon crossing the river", it will not be ignored Online release; in addition, the recent spread of the epidemic in the world has also affected Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, especially after many cases have been cleared in China, overseas input has begun to rise, cinemas are densely populated, and it will take time to eliminate everyone's psychological fear. Even if the rest of the Spring Festival films have ideas to be released, there is no audience to see them.

    once predicted by the insiders, the epidemic has now been reported By the end of March, all industries may be back on track. To eliminate everyone's fear is to wait until May 1st, and there is likely to be a wave of film viewing climax. Jia Zhangke also said at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival that "at present, the biggest challenge and danger we are facing is actually the operation of cinemas in different cities. I think that in the next month or so In between, the audience won't want to go to the cinema

    Shop these 20 can鈥檛-miss sales that are happening right now

    . Maybe it will be June or August before the audience will come back". What is the impact of the emergency stop on the film and television stocks? Film and television stocks have always been greatly affected by policies. According to wind data, after the announcement of the recovery of the cinema line, film and television stocks saw a slight rise. On March 20, Ali film industry rose 9.28% to HK $1.06; cat's eye entertainment rose 4.72% to HK $8.88; IMAX China rose 2.61% to HK $13.36. In terms of a shares, happy blue ocean, Zhongguang Tianxuan, Jixiang shares, Huangshi group and other four shares Trading limitBeijing WenHuahua, great wall TV, Jinyi TV and other three stocks rose by more than 5%

    . Back to performance, half of the 20 listed companies that have disclosed performance express or annual report are in the state of loss. Wanda film has the highest loss, with a net profit loss of 4.721 billion, down 324.5%

    compared with the same period last year, while the highest net profit is 37 mutual entertainment, with 2.144 billion, the same as the same period last year An increase of 112.58%industry insiders said that according to the current situation analysis, the performance of film and television stocks in the first quarter was still poor, followed by or expected to be boosted by the performance of May 1st and summer

    China Merchants Securities estimated the annual box office: assuming the epidemic was controlled in March, the theater began to resume business, and returned to normal in April; the head of the original spring festival archives In addition to the film "lost mother", it will be released in the following important schedule, such as the May 1st and summerEverbright Securities pointed out that it is recommended to pay attention to the expected return to work opportunities of the film industry in the near future

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