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    and reduce international flights, which makes many foreigners worried about the difficulty of going backand 33.1% of the respondents' general institutional investors have exercised shareholder rights, of which about 70% have exercised decision-making participation right and right to knowand the respondents' general institutional investors' investment Most of the investment objectives are to obtain medium and long-term income; their overall expectation level of income is not high, and their willingness to bear large investment risks is low; when they invest in financial products, they pay most attention to the degree of product risk, followed by the rate of product return; the general institutional investors under investigation are mainly determined by the internal discussion and analysis of enterprises

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    professional institutional investors: 90% of the institutions or the institutions they are in charge of Over 40% of profit from investment of Li's products in 2019The proportion of stock investment amount in the institutions or products under the management of the respondents is more than 80%. 90% of the institutions or products under the management of the investigated professional institutional investors will make investment profits in 2019. Under different market expectations, the positions of the investigated professional institutional investors are quite different. The institutions or institutions of the investigated professional institutional investors in 2019 The stock position of management products has been significantly improved. When the market is expected to rise in a trend, the electronic, computer, communication and other technology industries are the first choice of professional institutions, with the proportion of selection reaching 60.1%. Non bank finance, daily consumption and pharmaceutical biology are ranked in the second order, and banks, real estate and other professional institutions in the third order

    are invested by half of the surveyed professional institutions In 2019, 62.8% of the respondents in the scientific and technological industryhave used financial derivativesClick on the novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia

    original title: Taiwan has 16 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, and 283 cases have been diagnosed. According to Taiwan's United Daily News, the press conference of epidemic epidemic command center in Taiwan today (28) 14 noon announced that 16 new crowns and crowns were added in Taiwan today.Novel coronavirus cases, including 14 cases of imported cases, 2 cases of local cases, as of now, Taiwan has accumulated 283 casesClick to enter the topic: focus on the new coronavirus pneumoniaoriginal title: rare! In history, only two times have the central bank reduced the standard to cooperate! What is the impact of the special treasury bonds that restart again after 13 years on a shares? Source: in 1998, 2007 and 2020, China Securities Journal will welcome the Political Bureau meeting held before the third issuance

    in history. It is proposed that a package of macro policy measures should be studied and put forward as soon as possible, a more active fiscal policy should be more active, a prudent monetary policy should be more flexible and appropriate, and the fiscal deficit rate should be increased appropriately Other government bonds, increase the scale of special bonds of local governments, guide the downward interest rate of loan market, maintain reasonable and sufficient liquiditydeficit, special bonds have been mentioned more before. What is the meaning of special government bonds as a "rare" policy tool? What impact will it have on the market? Why issue special treasury bonds? General treasury bonds are used to raise funds to make up the fiscal deficit and supplement the national financial funds; while special treasury bonds are used to serve specific policies and support specific project needs

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    . In the past, special treasury bonds were issued to exchange or purchase assets at the same value, rather than financing the budget deficit. From the perspective of budget management, special treasury bonds are still government debtsAccording to the measures for the administration of the balance of national debts, the balance of national debts shall be included in the administration of the balance of national debts of the central government. The balance of national debts shall be adjusted at the time of issuance, not included in the fiscal deficit. The income and expenditure shall be included in the central government's fund budget. Zhang Jiqiang, deputy director of Huatai Securities Research Institute and chief analyst of fixed income, said that under the impact of the epidemic, the normal production and life order shall be promoted, the overall situation of employment shall be stabilized, and the poverty shall The key battle is still the bottom line that policy should stick to, and timely policy reserve is necessary

    . At present, there is still room for China's active fiscal policy, especially the central leverage ratio, and there are plenty of local special debt, policy finance and other tools. However, Zhang Jiqiang introduced that special national debt has many advantages. Under the environment of high uncertainty, the special country should be restarted timely and moderately It is necessary to issue bonds: 1. Issue bonds for specific purposes, more in line with the current policy objectives to deal with the impact of the epidemic; 2. Only need the deliberation of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, more conducive to timely decision-making; 3. The direct means to leverage the central government can avoid the excessive increase of local government debt; 4. More flexible use in the global epidemic environment, many experts think it is necessary for China to adopt strong stimulus policies to promote economic recovery growth. Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University of China, believes that if we want to get rid of the economic shock and stop and make the economic cycle In order to normalize China's economic cycle, it is necessary to have a "big push" to overcome the friction before operation and produce an "ice breaking effect". In order to normalize China's economic cycle

    , it is necessary to consider transforming the ten trillion yuan funds frozen by the reserve ratio of nearly 10% into national bonds or special bonds to make room for fiscal and monetary policy easing. From the perspective of historical stimulus policies, it is necessary to The benefits of promoting economic stability generated by other national debts are obvious, and the side effects of policies are less

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    . The issuing history of special national debts: before the central bank lowered the standard and cooperated with it, China issued two special national debtsfor the first time. In August 1998, China issued 270 billion yuan of long-term special national debts to four wholly state-owned commercial banks, and all the funds raised were used to supplement the wholly state-owned commercial banks Capital fund: for the second time, in 2007, special treasury bonds of 1.55 trillion yuan were issued to purchase about 200 billion US dollars of foreign exchange. As the capital fund of the State Foreign Exchange Investment Corporation to be established

    , the main purpose of issuing special treasury bonds in 1998 was to improve the capital of the four major banks in China, so as to meet the requirements of the Basel Accord on capital adequacy ratio, and to solve the frequent occurrence of such bonds In 2007, under the background of international economic imbalances, China's balance of payments showed a "double surplus"special national debt was issued mainly to maintain the stable operation of economy and price stability, relieve the pressure of the central bank on the impact of the two special national debtsthe use of the two special national debts is different, and the impact on market liquidity is also different (E2 1) In 1998, the central bank sharply reduced the standard to provide funds for the purchase of special treasury bonds, released more than 240 billion yuan of deposit reserves, and increased the money supply