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  • ; Italian Airlines will lose 70% of their weight; by the end of April, they will be nationalized

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    , "she said," but please remember to follow the advice of experts and local governments, stay at home and slow down the spread of the epidemic

    in a row. As a whole, the cost of this bottoming operation is 20% off! A few days before the sharp plunge of Chinese dollar bonds, real estate enterprises had a hard time. They were killed by the stock price and dollar bonds. On March 23, the Federal Reserve launched the unlimited QE. Overnight, the U.S. stock market remained low. The U.S. dollar index continued to fall to near 101.5. A shares walked out of the "V" yesterday. After the plunge of major indexes, they recovered.

    listed Chinese real estate companies are in the same market After the double killing of stock and debt, the share price finally turned redIn terms of a shares, yesterday's CITIC first-class real estate sector rose 2.34%, compared with the 5.26% that fell in recent 5 days. Compared with the recovery, Hong Kong's second-class real estate classification (887129. WI) reached its bottom after nearly 20 days of decline, with an increase of 4.56%

    , while in terms of real estate dollar debt, it was "miserable"in just two weeks from March 9 to March 22 Yuan bonds fell almost all over the line

    . The investment grade of Chinese dollar bonds fell 5%, the yield went up 88bp, and the high yield fell 11.7%. The yield went up 614bp

    . From the perspective of the industry sector, the overall decline of real estate dollar bonds was large. Last week, the yield and interest margin center of real estate dollar bonds went up more than 400bp, and the cumulative growth of yield and interest margin since March exceeded 700bp At present, the median yield of the industry is over 14%, and the interest margin is 1373bp. The yield of individual bonds in the industry is almost double-digit and above"a sales channel person said

    take Haina mansion as an example, there are only a few houses available for sale at present, of which the total price of 116 銕 houses is about 11.5 million yuan," tea fee "should be paid more than 700000 yuan," this building plate will be charged with "tea fee" from January, because there are few new plates, and there was a customer transaction before About 750000

    "said the above channel personageaccording to the previous promotion information of the real estate, there are 1350 sets of 89m2 house type products recorded, with an average price of about 87000 / m2 and a total price range of 6.71-8.82 million / set; there are 449 sets of 116 M2 house type products recorded, with an average price of about 98000 / m2 and a total price range of 10.28-12.74 million / set

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