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  • These details took years to come to light

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    . Shanghai Yuehua still owns 4% of Jinhui group's equityis set to increase by 422 million yuan. According to the notice on the progress of a shares of non-public Development Bank in 2020 issued by Dongfang Yinxing on March 23, Dongfang Yinxing will issue no more than 38.4 million shares (including the number of shares) to specific objects, that is, the number of shares to be issued will not exceed 30% of the total share capital of the company before the non-public offering, all of which are in cash Subscriptionthe total amount of funds raised in this non-public offering is not more than 422 million yuan (including 422 million yuan), and the net amount of funds raised after deducting the issuance expenses will be used to supplement the annual report disclosure of working capital. The balance of monetary capital of Dongfang Yinxing is 67 million yuan, and the short-term loan is 75 million yuan

    . Introduction to eagle eye warning of financial report of sina finance listed company: listed companies Financial report eagle eye early warning is an intelligent professional analysis system for financial reports of listed companies. By gathering a large number of authoritative financial experts, such as accounting firms and listed companies, eagle eye early warning interprets the latest financial reports of listed companies from multiple dimensions, such as company performance growth, earnings quality, capital pressure, safety and operating efficiency, and prompts the possible financial wind in graphic form Point of dangerprovides financial institutions, listed companies, regulators and other professional, efficient and convenient technical solutions for financial risk identification and early warning of listed companieseagle eye early warning entry: Sina Financial app - market - Eagle Eye early warning or Sina Financial app self selected stock - Financial - Eagle Eye early warningoriginal title: [solution] shocked South Korea's "n room", the most terrible What is it? Five million people petitioned and the president ordered a thorough investigation

    These details took years to come to light

    . On March 25, Zhao Zhubin, the main operator of room n, was escorted to the prosecution by Seoul police. Many onlookers shouted angrily at the 25-year-old suspect, the first one in South Korea to be publicly exposed for sexual crimes: "sentence him to the maximum legal penalty!" The whole worldWhat's the most terrifying thing about the shocked room n? Zhao Zhubin (tuyuan: Korean media), the main criminal of "n room", in short, "n room" is the nickname of several pornographic chat rooms on the social software telegram. The criminals provide the members with pictures and videos of the sexual exploitation of the victim women

    ), it is intriguing that such a realistic film, from the beginning of preparation, has fallen into a whirlpool of public opinion, whether it isThe female stars who read the original works, or the actresses who participated in the films, have become the targets of many Korean men's attacks. In recent years, with the economic instability, the aggravation of social anxiety, the abolition of household ownership, the introduction of special laws on sexual and domestic violence and other policy changes, the "female tornado" seems to have formed a "threat" to the gender power structure According to the Statistics Department of South Korea, although the average monthly salary of South Korean men is still 1.7 times that of women, the rate of sexual violence and dating violence suffered by women has soared in the past few years. After the arrest of Dr. Zhao Zhubin, who is the follow-up doctor of the Korean film "the 82 year old Kim Ji Young", someone was arrested in South Korea's "Tsing wa Tai" The national petition system launched a petition to open the suspect's identity and publicize 260 thousand members' information. Two petitions have been supported by more than 5 million Korean people. In March 23rd, the Korean President Wen expressed sympathy to the moon Jae in the Yin Dynasty, and ordered a thorough investigation of the N room incident. He asked the police to set up a special investigation team and thoroughly investigate 260 thousand members. For secondary injury, the government will try to change the ID card number

    These details took years to come to light

    for the victim of "room n" within three weeks. As of March 24, the police have arrested 18 people, including Zhao Zhubin, the principal offender, and targeted another 124 suspects. However, according to the analysis of table Cangyuan, a member of the Korean parliament, quoted by Jingxiang news in South Korea, although Zhao Zhubin's criminal nature is very bad, "according to the current situation in South Korea According to China's laws, it may be punished for up to 10 years

    These details took years to come to light

    . More than one interviewee stressed to Shimei that in the current laws of South Korea, the punishment for online sex crimes is very light: Article 11 of the youth sexual protection law stipulates that those who hold minors' sexual exploitation materials shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than one year or a fine of less than 20 million won (about 115000 yuan); punishment for sexual violence crimes According to Article 14 of the relevant special case law, the behavior of secretly photographing and disseminating the privacy of others will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 5 years; if the photographing is approved by the other party, and only the photographing content is distributed or sold without authorization, it will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 3 years or a fine of 5 million won (about 29000 people's dollars). Recently, the South Korean prosecution asked for the second generation operation nicknamed "watchman" He was sentenced to three years and six months in prison;Looking back, the main culprit of "soranet" has not been arrested. Ten years ago, the case of actress Zhang Ziyan, who provided "sexual reception" for business celebrities and high-level elites, went through four "never know". Although the Korean government said it would formulate "fundamental countermeasures to eliminate Cybercrime" on the "n-room" incident, don't forget that a whole year ago, "victory" How will the big scandal sweeping South Korea end? 銆嬶級Although "gambling on the fate of the prosecution and the police's respective organizations", the two main criminals were finally sentenced to six and five years' imprisonment, Li Shengli himself has not been sentenced to substantive sentence"room n" so far, will the investigation result have another fate? Even in South Korea, where "one film can change society", the question is still puzzling

    Wen / DIANCANG Ju Shi, Zaiyan锘?4001original title: Yangzhou Yizheng man deliberately conceals his trip abroad on March 28 was investigated by the police: on March 28, Yizheng City Public Security Bureau investigated Kong XX (male, 26 years old, Yizheng man) who violated the epidemic prevention and control regulations according to law. According to the investigation, Kong XX recently entered from Macao and returned to Yizheng via Zhuhai. He failed to take the initiative to his village (community) according to the regulations Report truthfully, deliberately conceal the itinerary, and evade epidemic medical isolation observation

    . His behavior is suspected of violating the law of the people's Republic of China on public security management and punishment, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other relevant laws and regulations. After being seized by the public security organ, he has been transferred to the health department for centralized medical observation. After the isolation period expires, he will be dealt with in accordance with the lawthe police remind him As novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading rapidly all over the world, it is recommended to cancel or postpone the trip for the sake of ensuring safety and health of you and your family. Overseas returned personnel must strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of epidemic prevention and control and the "Circular" request, and report to the village (community) and work unit actively, and do the

    These details took years to come to light

    . Novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus pneumonia) novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak will be updated in the new era. The new title of the new crown pneumonia epidemic will be focused on the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. The original title: 63 new cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in UAE totaled 468 cases in local time 3

    These details took years to come to light

    . Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 63 cases in novel coronavirus pneumonia on 28 February, and the total number of confirmed cases increased to 468 cases. The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the UAE has increased rapidly in recent years. In order to cope with the new crown epidemic situation, the UAE took full control of entry and exit, and grounded international flights in March 19th, and closed the mosque inside. The novel coronavirus pneumonia and the tourist attractions, and people's home work, etc. this weekend, the UAE began a three day continuous "disinfection" (curfew and public disinfection) and issued regulations in the United Arab Emirates, which will impose a high fine on the personnel violating the quarantine measures