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  • Meiji control center stopped updating the topic of electronic atomized lung disease, which is related to Xinguan?

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    what animals are edible? The people's Procuratorate of Hongkou District of Shanghai sorted out several kinds of animal food materials that everyone was most concerned about. The relevant questions and answers are as follows.at the same time, since the decision is a useful supplement to the existing wildlife protection law, the disclosure of a list or list must be carefully considered.it is worth mentioning that since February 25, the regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the total prohibition of wild animals (Draft for comments) have been solicited from the public.

    according to the draft, nine kinds of poultry and livestock, including pigs, cattle, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons, as well as aquatic animals that are not forbidden to eat according to law, are listed in the edible white list.according to the relevant person in charge of the law working committee of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, the white list includes nine edible terrestrial animals and non prohibited aquatic animals according to the previous survey, which has covered the main animal species in the food trade and catering market in Shenzhen, which is enough to meet the people's living needs and meet the dietary habits of most Shenzhen citizens.at present, there is still room for revision and improvement of the white list, and the opinions of all parties will become an important reference for legislation.the establishment of a reasonable fasting list is worth promoting for Shenzhen.fasting of all wild animals is not easy to operate in practice.

    it is difficult to judge which animals are wild animals and which are not.therefore, it is necessary to set up a directory.we will try our best to help the affected poor households to transform their industries. It is expected that in June this year, Heyuan will achieve the goal of all the poor people reaching the poverty alleviation standard as scheduled and improve the exit procedures.

    said Zhong Zhijian, director of Heyuan poverty alleviation Bureau.novel coronavirus pneumonia, Ji'nan, March 20 (reporter Pan Linqing) recently, the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Shandong public security organs and police departments have been fighting hard to crack down on illegal animal life.at present, 40 criminal cases of destroying wildlife resources have been investigated, 58 suspects have been arrested, and more than 10000 wild animals (including birds) have been seized and sealed up.on March 13, with the cooperation of jiehu police station, the forest police brigade of Yinan County Public Security Bureau of Linyi City, Shandong Province successfully cracked a case of concealing and concealing the proceeds of crime and arrested one criminal suspect.

    according to the investigation, since February 2018, the criminal suspect has been engaged in the business of seasoning aquatic products in a certain lawChengzhong illegally purchased and sold more than 140 hares, more than 120 turtledoves, more than 400 sparrows and a number of pheasants and ducks. At present, the case is under further investigation.the public security organ of Jinan City, Shandong Province also found an illegal crime of destroying wildlife resources.

    recently, the forest police branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province successfully cracked a case of illegal acquisition, sale of precious and endangered wildlife, and seized one national first-class protected animal, Indian Star turtle and one national second-class protected animal, leopard tortoise.according to the investigation, in 2017, the suspect Li Mou bought these two tortoises in a aquatic pet market, and posted them for sale in Baidu Post Bar in February this year.the case is under further investigation.according to the relevant person in charge of the Forest Police Corps of the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, the provincial forest police department strengthened the resolution of the case, continued to fight with heavy fists, and immediately formed a situation of high-pressure crackdown on the illegal crimes of destroying wildlife resources, implemented the whole chain, all links and all elements to destroy the criminal networks and gangs, and eliminated the abuse of wild animals from the source, effectively prevented Major public health risks should be taken to ensure the safety of people 's lives and health. Novel coronavirus pneumonia

    statistics show that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, more than 18000 police officers have been deployed in the Shandong Public Security Bureau, and the relevant departments have conducted special inspections and inspections, and have checked over 2900 places (Times) in the market, 2015 places (artificial) for artificial breeding and operation and utilization of wild animal, 3574 animal activities.reporter Zhang Galen's illegal trade in wild animals and plants through the Internet has seriously damaged biodiversity, ecosystem security and human well-being. The Internet platform can play an important role in combating illegal trade in wild animals and plants.however, due to the lack of correct recognition from some members of the public, there is still a great market demand for wild animals, and the work of combating illegal trafficking in wild animals and plants is still under great pressure.the patrol work of wildlife protection is carried out every day, but for the volunteers of e-commerce no field action, the patrol work is put on the Internet.

    recently, the National People's Congress has passed the decision to ban all wild animals.the purpose of the decision is to ban the consumption of wild animals in an all-round way, crack down on illegal wildlife trade, and safeguard public health and ecological safety and people's livesHealth and safety provide a strong legislative guarantee.

    China Biodiversity Conservation and green development foundation (hereinafter referred to as "China Green Development Foundation") has been focusing on online wildlife trading.during novel coronavirus pneumonia, volunteers from different environmental groups were watching the trend of the network.

    they worry that after the offline wildlife trade is hit, some illegal businesses will transfer the trade to the online.to curb the online illegal wildlife trade, it is not the technical issues, but the degree of attention.Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Green Development Council, told Science and Technology Daily that laws and regulations will not be automatically implemented, and efforts are needed to achieve the net action of illegal wildlife trade. Tiktokmore than 30000 species enter the electricity business list, Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, many spells, WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu, jitter, fast hand and little red book … … these network platforms are under the supervision of the wild Kwai Tsun volunteers.recently, they have also sent letters to several e-commerce and social platforms asking them to remove illegal wildlife products.volunteers provided reporters of science and technology daily with links to wildlife products they found on e-commerce platforms in late February.

    however, so far, most of the links have failed, which indicates that the platform has removed such goods from the shelves.now, if you search for pangolin of civet cat on Taobao, what pops up is not a search result, but a warning picture saying no to the wildlife trade.

    according to the data provided by Alibaba, more than 30000 species, such as shark fin, bear gall, turtle and live firefly, have entered Alibaba's banned list, and the platform has also strictly controlled and cracked down on relevant hunting tools.social platform is also one of the online trading places for wildlife.

    to catch this kind of hidden illegal trade, to a large extent, we must rely on the masses to report it.in 2015, Tencent launched Penguin love earth public welfare project and opened a channel to report illegal wildlife trade information.

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