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  • 'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

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    therefore, it is necessary to clarify which areas need to be coordinated by the central government, which areas belong to the territorial responsibility, and which links can give local institutions the opportunity to make decisions and flexible governance, so as to achieve scientific research and accurate policy-making according to the changes of the situation.but by 1933, scientists found that the cause of the flu was not a bacterium but a virus.by the end of the 20th century, American pathologist Jeffrey Taubenberger and other researchers finally determined that the influenza virus was H1N1 subtype.

    the number of people who died of the flu in the world is conservatively estimated to be 30 million, and some estimates are as high as 100 million.the number of people infected is higher, estimated to be close to half of the world's population.the approximate death toll of major European and American countries is: million in Britain, million in France, 250000 in Germany, million in the United States, 50000 in Canada and nearly 260000 in Spain.in this disaster, the age distribution of the dead population shows a W-curve, that is, the mortality rate of young and middle-aged people aged 15-45 is very high, which directly affects the combat effectiveness of the front line. For the rear area and other countries, it also leads to the loss of a large number of labor force. As a result, there is a lack of workers in enterprises, a lack of personnel in the public sector, a significant reduction in business activities, and a significant impact on the economy and society Impact.different countries have taken different countermeasures.

    'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

    for example, in some states of the United States and Australia, measures taken include isolation of patients, prohibition of public gatherings, closure of theaters, schools, libraries, billiards rooms and other places where people gather, asking people to keep a certain distance in churches, bars, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, etc., enterprises stagger the time of going to and from work to reduce centralized travel, and public service personnel must Wear a mask.in the UK, the government isolated the patients, issued various pamphlets, notices and flyers, urged the public to avoid contact with the patients, required regular ventilation and disinfection in cinemas and other entertainment places, recommended that people keep indoor ventilation and cleaning, wear masks and wash hands frequently, but did not close schools, theaters and other public entertainment places, and industrial and commercial activities were carried out as usual.because the surface area of the ball is the smallest but the tension is the largest when the two volumes are the same.

    it can be concluded that word meaning is the smallest semantic unit used independently, and the structure of word meaning sphere is compact, solid, flexible and with high surface tension.when the surface areas of the two objects are the same, the volume of the ball is the largest.it can be concluded that the structure of semantic sphere is rich in connotation, huge in size, strong in expanding ability and powerful in function.fourth, the word meaning ball is very similar to the egg, which contains vitality.

    'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

    the egg is composed of three parts: "eggshell, egg white and egg yolk", which are interdependent with each other. The word meaning ball is also composed of three elements: "object meaning, attribute meaning and attribute value meaning", which are also interdependent with each other. When the egg meets the right temperature, it can hatch the chick, and when the three elements of the word meaning ball structure meet the right semantic assignment, it can also produce sentences.(the author is the director of the National Social Science Foundation Project "Research on Modern Chinese word meaning based on syntax semantic interface" and associate professor of Hubei University) (editor in chief: Sun Shuang and AI Wen)

    'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

    China social science is a comprehensive social science journal, which is in charge and sponsored by the Chinese Academy of social sciences. It was founded in January 1980 and is a bimonthly journal.mainly published the latest and most important academic research results in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences in China.since its inception, China Social Sciences has always adhered to Marxism as the guide, the correct political direction, the combination of theory with practice, and the focus on major practical issues, the academic nature of the journal, and the pursuit of academic innovation and academic norms.the development of China's social sciences is in step with China's reform and opening up. A large number of published academic research results have played an important role in the prosperity and development of China's humanities and Social Sciences, the inheritance of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, and the promotion of China's reform and opening up and socialist construction.

    shows the level of theoretical research and academic achievements of China's humanities and Social Sciences, and promotesThe exchange between China's humanities and social sciences research field and the international academic community.Chinese Social Sciences has been constantly introducing new works in different periods, which has become the cradle of cultivating academic leaders of Humanities and Social Sciences in contemporary China.after more than 20 years of publishing practice, China social science has formed a unique style of seeking truth from facts, being rigorous and practical.China Social Sciences advocates free discussion of academic issues, encourages academic innovation and pays attention to academic norms.

    in the process of editing, the system innovation should be carried out continuously, and the academic level of the journal should be guaranteed by strict review system.since its inception, China Social Sciences has been concerned by the academic circles at home and abroad, and is regarded as the highest level comprehensive humanities and Social Sciences Journal in China.

    'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

    according to the evaluation results of the existing journal evaluation system, China Social Sciences ranks first in the same journals, and its first-class academic status is also recognized by experts.China Social Science won the first National Journal Award, and was twice awarded as one hundred national key social science journals by the State Press and publication administration.

    'Stedman is in the guesthouse'

    China Social Sciences (Bimonthly) was awarded as "one hundred key core journals of China in 1998-1999" by the press and publication administration; as "excellent journal of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences" and "the second one hundred key journals of Social Sciences of China" in 1999, and won the "first China Journal Award".(editor in charge: Qin Hua)academic journals funded by the National Social Science Foundation actively carried out various kinds of publishing activities to guide the social science community to carry out relevant research and discussion around the commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening up.