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    . On September 6, 2012, Guizhou liquor exchange officially listed the first product "Guotai 路 Zhencang No.1 路 2012"was confirmed by Jo Jo Garcia (JojoGarcia) in a statement to the media. Garcia said he would continue working at home and have the confidence to overcome the diseaseJojo Garcia data map (picture from the Internet) in March 23rd, the assistant secretary and spokesman of the committee, Celine Piyalog (CelinePialogo). Lu, China novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has been exposed to

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    infection. Garcia has had contact with a confirmed case of new crown pneumonia, so she must have self isolation at home(chief reporter Tao Jiale) click on the topic: the global multi national outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak01/ Wall Street 02/, the special conference of Pao Ge decided to purchase medical supplies worth 3 million euros from China. Export 04 / Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic: 80% error rate in purchasing test kits from China is incorrect 05 / Singapore and other seven countries issued a joint statement promising to open up and communicate medical necessities 06 / Trump: or general motors didn't need to order general motors to produce respirators according to the national defense production law 07 / the price difference between the purchase and sale of masks is more than three times that of Ruikang pharmaceutical's Liuan subsidiary, making 2 million? Novel coronavirus pneumonia 08/ Nur Sultan and Almaty implemented the curfew March 27th two trillion 09/ stimulus plan to land, which is hard to save. The US stock market plummeted all over the world and the Dow dropped 900 points. 10/ Xi Jinping's speech at the new summit of G20 special pneumonia summit aroused a strong response.Does the sudden rise of violence in China mean that there is an unexpected policy at the weekend? 02 / Trump's return to work under the soaring epidemic situation, as the American community said 03 / close: U.S. stocks closed down, Dow fell more than 900 points, ended three consecutive gains, 04 / 2 trillion stimulus plan approved will be delayed? Because one congressman objected to the U.S. congressman rushing back to Washington 05 / U.S. President trump officially signed the $2 trillion economic stimulus bill 06 / Sue Soochow securities together again: 70 year old shareholders have a huge loss of 5 million after opening two financing 07 / rebound or unsustainable stock market is likely to go down again 08/ State film administration: all theaters will not resume business temporarily, and those that have resumed business will be suspended immediately! On March 27, 2009, the evening announcement of the listed company, express delivery 10 / U.S. stocks plummeted across the board! Dow fell more than 900 points in the United States confirmed 100000 1 / pound! Former US Treasury Secretary Summers' first China live Q & A (application) 02 / Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee: guide the interest rate of the loan market downward and keep the liquidity reasonable and abundant 03 / management measures for the third party assessment institution of green mines in Liaoning Province (Trial) 04 / net profit of postal savings bank increased by 16.52% year on year Zhang Jinliang stressed deepening the new retail transformation 05 / summers: the real interest rate of the US will fall to a negative economy鈥 "Japanization" 06 / focus on digital technology and wealth management: in 2019, Everbright Bank's net profit increased by the most in five years 07 / central bank governor Yi Gang attended the video conference of the international monetary and financial committee 08 / basic metals research organization cancelled the April conference 09 / decision analysis: trump signed the stimulus bill, the United States confirmed case broke through $100000, the U Meeting: strong policy coordination is the key to solve the global crisis. Original title: 2019 of China Olympic Park: Double growth of scale and profit our reporter Chen Tingtong Haihua reported in Guangzhou that "we have confidence in the development of China Olympic Park, and hope that China Olympic Park can become an enterprise with sustainable growth ability and respected by the industry" March 25 Guo Ziwen, chairman of the board of directors of China Olympic Park Group Co., Ltd. (3883. HK, hereinafter referred to as "China Olympic Park"), said at the performance meeting on Tuesday afternoon that

    in the past 2019, China Olympic Park exceeded the annual target, achieving sales of 118.06 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29%, ranking among the top 30 national sales companies, ranking in the top 1000In terms of regional layout, China Olympic Park has completed the trilogy of "layout focus deep cultivation" from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, a total of 87 new projects will be added, and the transformation of old cities, old villages and old factories (the "three old") will be fully covered. Guo Ziwen revealed that the sales target of China Olympic Park in 2020 is to increase on the basis of 2019 With a growth rate of 12%, the company maintained a moderate and steady growth, simultaneously cultivated the first and second tier cities, and further improved the product competitiveness and operation management abilityof China Olympic Park. On the night of March 24, China Olympic Park announced that the group's annual performance in 2019" to adjust the strategic layout At the beginning of this year, Zhai Chenxi told the media that Tianfeng securities will fully support the development of Xinhua fund in terms of capital, research support, business coordination, etc., and carry out comprehensive resource investment, improvement and upgrading, including increasing capital, improving governance structure, and improving marketization process It is understood that with the strong support of Tianfeng securities, Xinhua fund will integrate resources and readjust its strategic layout

    . First of all, it will actively layout fixed income and balance investment products, and provide Cross Week services for local investors through large asset allocation in the context of new asset management regulations Second, while strengthening the active investment management, we should make passive investment and develop characteristic index products to form differentiated competitive advantage. From the perspective of medium and long-term performance returns, the equity products and fixed income products of Xinhua fund have good performance. According to the statistics of Haitong Securities, in 2019, the equity fund of Xinhua fund as a whole The yield is 41.52%, ranking 42 / 126 in the industry, and the overall yield in the past three years is 26.71%Industry ranking 41 / 101, overall yield in recent five years is 98.77%, industry ranking 13 / 73; at the same time, in 2019, the company's fixed income fund overall yield is 6.87%, industry ranking 16 / 117, overall yield in recent three years is 16.59%, industry ranking 10 / 94

    original title: overall decline of the profitability of the real estate industry, Yajule digs profit "moat" our reporter Weng Rongtao Zhao Yi reports that those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for one area. Real estate enterprises are gradually departing from the past era of high growth. Under the change of the era from single dimension competition of sales volume to multi-dimensional track

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    with product quality, operating efficiency and diversified business, they will be more tested by the ability of enterprises to plan for long-term interests from the perspective of the overall situationMarch 23, old brand Yuexi Real Estate Co., Ltd Enterprise Yajule Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (03383. HK, hereinafter referred to as "Yajule") published the annual report of its 2019 annual performance. The annual report shows that the sales volume of Yajule once again exceeded the 100 billion threshold, and the total amount of pre-sale in 2019 was 117.97 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9% compared with 2018. The "diversified business has provided the group with continuous revenue contribution, and the proportion of revenue in 2019 was 10.1%

    " in the year of 2019 Under the assumption of Chen Zhuolin, chairman and President of Yajule group, the proportion of revenue contributed by diversified businesses can be greatly improved every year. Under the background of slowing growth and declining profit, Yajule pays more attention to improving its profit quality and anti risk abilitythe industry ushers in the era of "low profit margin". Looking at the number of annual reports published this year According to the recent analysis of China Index Research Institute in the era of low profit margin, China Index Research Institute pointed out that the real estate regulation and control policy is sustained and all kinds of costs are not high Influenced by the following factors, combined with the decrease of turnover speed of enterprises, the average net profit margin and return on net assets of top 100 real estate enterprises in 2019 were 11.1% and 15.9% respectively, 0.5% and 0.8% lower than the previous year respectively

    . In terms of revenue and profit, the turnover of Yajule in 2019 was 60.239 billionYuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.3%; gross profit of 18.358 billion yuan, gross profit rate of 30.5%, a year-on-year decrease of 13.4%; net profit of 9.233 billion yuan, net profit rate of 15.3%, a year-on-year increase of 0.4 percentage points. Before the start of the performance meeting, Chen Zhuolin took the initiative to explain the reasons for the decline of gross profit rate: first, the contribution of Hainan Island's high gross profit project in 2019 was small, bringing down the whole Gross profit margin level; second, affected by the current development situation of the whole real estate industry

    . Generally speaking, 25% is the average level of gross profit margin of the real estate industry. According to wind data statistics, the average gross profit margin of Hong Kong listed companies engaged in residential real estate business from 2016 to 2018 is 26.60%, 28.70% and 31.10% respectively, and the average net profit margin of sales is 9.88%, 11.66% and 11.93%

    Make your bathtub extra luxe

    Even though the gross profit level of Yajule in 2019 has declined, the overall gross profit rate of 30.5% is at the industry average levelaccording to the 2019 financial report, the gross profit rate of Longhu group last year was 33.6%, that of time China was 29.3%, and that of Greentown China was 25.4%. In recent years, the high gross profit level of Yajule has been greatly affected The industry attracts attention, but limited by the "global purchase restriction" policy of Hainan Province, the profitability index of Yajule returns to the normal levelin 2019. It can be found that the gross profit rate of Yajule in 2018 is far higher than the industry average level, and the overall gross profit rate of Yajule in 2018 is as high as 43.9%, even more than a large central enterprise, which is one of the top ten in sales and focuses on commercial real estate development "The number of entries from Hainan is 11.3 billion yuan in 2018, but it's much less in 2019, less than 4 billion yuan". Pan Zhiyong, vice president of Yajule group, stressed that in fact, 30.5% gross profit rate has been a quite excellent indicator in the industry

    "Hainan project is golden egg, is the most important project, not one of them" Chen Zhuolin's bottom line is that Yajule has more than 400 in Hainan Ten thousand square meters of land reserves, worth more than 100 billion yuan of marketable goods, and the gross profit rate of the project is more than 50%. In the next few years, it will continue to provide a good gross profit level

    . For the current whole real estate industry, theAbout 30% of the regular gross profit rate has become the ideal level, which is gradually becoming the consensus of the industry. Longhu group also said that in the future, the industry will return to a stable gross profit rate level of 25% - 30%

    . Low cost soil storage will be released later. "With the arrival of policies and accounting periods, our accounting has been further improved""Pan Zhiyong pointed out