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  • Peterson: We cannot let giant chains take over the restaurant space

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    he stressed that strengthening the grass-roots construction of our army in the new era is the foundation and strength of building a strong army.from November 8 to 10, the basic level construction conference of the Central Military Commission was held in Beijing.Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Gang, Xi Jinping, delivered an important speech at the meeting.he first stressed that the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted decisions on several major issues concerning upholding and improving the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, promoting the modernization of the national governance system and capacity.it is an important political task for the whole party to study and implement the decisions of the plenary session.the plenary session decided to use a special part to make arrangements for upholding and improving the party's absolute leadership system over the people's army and ensuring that the people's army faithfully fulfills its mission in the new era, many of which should be carried out at the grass-roots level.the whole army should study, understand and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

    Xi Jinping pointed out that the grass-roots units are the basis for all the work and combat effectiveness of the army.in the long-term practice of building and running the army, our party has always attached great importance to the grass-roots construction. Our army has made important contributions from small to large, from weak to strong, from victory to victory.according to several media, Bezos has long been in love with his old friend's wife, and the major scandal of infidelity in marriage is basically real.

    now, what he is facing may be an astronomical break-up fee, and the design of a good man at home will collapse in an instant.the couple released a joint statement on Amazon's official social account on the 9th, confirming the news of the breakup.the statement mentioned that the two have tried to separate and will continue to get along as friends after the formal divorce.in the opinion of some public opinions, their divorce declaration is extremely warm. Even if we had predicted the outcome 25 years later, the sentence in the article would still cause a lot of boos.

    however, some media also pointed out that the most important function of this well worded copy is to pacify investors and send positive signals to the outside world that family affairs will not affect the company's operation. Just a few hours after the announcement, many entertainment news media in the United States revealed the ugly truth behind the marriage.according to the New York Post, Bezos has long been married to the wife of an infidelity friend. His mistress is Lauren & middot; Sanchez, wife of Whitesell, chief executive of WME / img, a well-known entertainment company in Hollywood.

    it is understood that both of them have residences in Seattle for many years54001McKenzie also paid a lot for this marriage.for example, she insisted on driving her husband to work for a long time in her early years, which lasted at least until 2013.Mackenzie is introverted and unwilling to appear in the public, but he is unambiguous in defending his husband.

    American journalist Brad Middleton stone's book "all in one: Bezos and the Amazon era" was once popular after its launch in 2013. However, one reader did not hesitate to make a bad comment, and this reader is Mackenzie.she left a message on the online shopping platform and denounced the book as highly biased and misleading, many of which were inconsistent with the facts.it is uncertain that American public opinion will pay close attention to the trend of the two after their divorce.according to the New York Post, Washington state, where the two belong, adopts the system of joint property, which means that the two parties should divide the marital property by five to five when they divorce.

    Bezos now has a fortune of $137.1 billion, and his ex-wife may have to pay as much as $billion after divorce, making him the most expensive breakup fee on earth.after this division, Bezos will fall from the first in the world to the fifth in the world, and McKenzie will become the richest rich woman in the world.

    however, according to Reuters, the two parties should have reached an agreement privately before the announcement, and it is estimated that they will not disclose too much financial information to the public.in addition, whether the% Amazon shares held by Bezos will be split has also raised investors' concerns about the control of Bezos.

    it is understood that McKenzie is willing to transform into a novelist after marriage, but because she has been busy with teaching and writing for many years, she has published only two works in more than ten years, which is not high-yield.her first work, the test of Luther and middot Albright, won the American Book Award in 2006.however, some readers in the online shopping platform are not shy to say that they only buy books out of curiosity about the richest wife in the world.in addition to his creative career, McKenzie is also keen on public welfare. He founded the bystander revolution of the anti bullying rights organization in 2014 and still serves as the managing director of the organization.the Bezos couple had three sons and adopted a daughter from China.the oldest of the four children is currently about 18 years old and the youngest is only 13 years old.

    due to the fact that the Bezos family attaches great importance to family privacy, the media in the United States has made great efforts toLittle is known.responsible editor: statement: copyright works are not allowed to be reproduced without the written authorization of global people. Violators will be investigated for legal responsibility.

    Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 10 Xinhua Xinhua News Agency reporters, Korean President Wen moon Jae in 10 on the new year's press conference, said he looked forward to the second meeting of the DPRK and the US leaders in the near future.he also said that the recent visit of Kim Jong Un, the DPRK's top leader, to China will play a positive role in the possible second meeting between DPRK and US leaders.

    analysts believe that if the negotiation between the DPRK and the US fails to achieve a breakthrough, many work between the ROK and the DPRK will be difficult to advance.the DPRK and the US still have the momentum to maintain contact and dialogue. All parties concerned must work together to face the more difficult and substantive problems in the next stage. Moon Jae in the Chong Wa Dae, held at the new year's press conference held on the day of the day,

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