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  • . The radio and television 5G process has made significant progress. The 700MHz band has been incorporated into the 5G international standard

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    the reporter of economic reference learned from the relevant departments that the current epidemic prevention and control adhere to NoWe will not relax, but a few lawbreakers are still committing crimes against the epidemic.

    original title: in March 24th, the State Council joint defense joint control mechanism held a press conference to introduce the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment.a reporter asked that now many low-risk areas are starting school, but the density of students in classrooms in many areas is relatively large, it is difficult to maintain a safe distance of more than one meter.

    what kind of prevention and control measures should we take for such a situation? According to Wu Zunyou, a researcher at the China CDC, there is no virus in the external environment of low-risk areas. After a long period of home isolation, students and teachers in low-risk areas also exclude the possibility of latent infection, which means that the risk of students and teachers' infection is very low.however, it is necessary to continue to take protective measures to prevent school outbreaks. The most important thing is to do a good job in daily monitoring of students and teachers, monitoring temperature and symptoms.in case of temperature and symptoms, report them as soon as possible and contact the health department as soon as possible for timely treatment.

    (source: Official Website of the National Health Commission)former title: German Federal Health Minister Jens Spang said at a press conference on the 26th that Germany is still in the "calm before the storm" of the outbreak of new coronavirus.

    in Germany, 300000 to 500000 new coronavirus tests were conducted last week, Spang said.

    large scale virus testing will win Germany the time to prepare for an outbreak in the coming weeks.the prosecutor of Ouhai District procuratorate reminded that in such cases, the middle-aged and elderly people often become the targets of criminals because they don't understand mobile phone operation, health code application process, etc.

    in actual contact and use, pay special attention to keep the mobile phone, and set the password and payment password.according to the Internet security industry, when using the health code, don't trust the liar to upgrade and collect the health code and scan the unsafe QR code; also don't disclose the ID card, bank card, password and other information or transfer remittance to others due to the health code in the Internet. City Vice President and director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Wang Jianliu, Peking University People's Hospital, said that the incidence rate of endometrial cancer has been increasing worldwide in recent years. In some big cities of China, endometrial cancer ranks the top in the three leading malignant tumors of Gynecology, and there is a trend of younger age. At present, about 1/3 of endometrial cancer patients are less than 45 years old. Of working age women.

    in the picture, the yellow part of the uterus is the ovary, the dark red part is the muscle wall of the uterus, and the pink part is the endometrium. Endometrial lesions are called endometrial cancer.the anterior and posterior walls of the uterine cavity are the most common sites of endometrial carcinoma.