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  • 'I'm an objective guy...'

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    the issue of Fe has become really tricky, because the competition is not so good-looking; then they banned the technology of strongly repairing shock absorbers, and then if you collide with the opponent again, your shock absorbers will immediately fall off.. Original title: orienteering is a group of sports competition. Participants need to use only one map and one compass point by point to pass through different terrain similar to hills and valleys.the first person to complete the whole process is the winner.

    athletes need to have a variety of skills, such as looking at maps and identifying directions, as well as judgment and physical strength.1. Implement the latest rules of Orienteering of International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and international military orienteering.2. There are 8 events in the event: Men's middle distance individual, long distance individual, relay and group, women's middle distance individual, long distance individual, relay and group.in the relay race, each team shall report at most 2 men's teams and 1 women's team (3 players in each team) to participate.departure time interval: 1 minute (scattered) for men, 2 minutes for women, 1 minute (scattered) for men and 2 minutes for women.

    'I'm an objective guy...'

    the minimum time requirement for the competition: 3. There are 13 representatives, including 1 leader, 1 coach, 7 male athletes and 4 female athletes.4,The original title ofin 2 hours, 5 minutes and 29 seconds, the fourth runner of the line increased his Japanese national record by as much as 21 seconds, locking in Japan's last ticket for the men's marathon at the Tokyo Olympic Games, which is also the best result of the yellow race in the history of the whole marathon.

    with tears in his eyes, dabaojie fulfilled his promise before the game. I hope to run with blood for Chinese friends and bring strength to Japan.the past year has undoubtedly been bitter for him.first, the Middle East horse withdrew from the competition with the astonishment of the audience on the spot, and then failed to pass through the places by one in the Olympic trials, even with the famous generals MO & middot; Farah and Galen & MSracha, the coach of iddot Rupp, was also banned on suspicion of doping.in desperation, he had to go to the East African plateau to maintain his status because of his training in the United States.

    'I'm an objective guy...'

    in fact, I had some fork in the last 10 kilometers, but I had to bear the abdominal pain and rushed through the end point.after the match, he looked back on his journey to the East horse.

    'I'm an objective guy...'

    it's not forbidden to recall another sentence he once said: in a marathon, physical fitness accounts for only 60%, and the remaining 40% is will.this is the life creed of dabujie and the reason why he is sought after by many marathon enthusiasts. China's novel coronavirus pneumonia(reporter Xie Xiaotian) (Xinhua)Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 1, Xinhua: Despite the dramatic shrinkage of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Tokyo marathon, which was held in March 1st, still attracts many Chinese marathon practitioners.

    Tokyo Marathon is one of the most influential marathon events in the world, and also an important sports event in Japan every year.there were 38000 participants in the competition, but affected by the epidemic, the organizing committee cancelled the competition of mass sports, only kept the elite group and wheelchair group to compete, and only 200 participants finally participated.Japanese players are very eye-catching in this competition. The national record holder of Japan, Da Baojie, ranked fourth with 2 hours, 5 minutes and 29 seconds, raising his national record by 21 seconds.another 9 Japanese athletes ran 2 hours and 8 minutes.

    Li Changzheng, general manager of huipao sports, runs Wuxi marathon and other marathon and cross-country events.although the Tokyo Marathon has shrunk, its influence is still strong enough to surpass many events of more than 30000 people.

    'I'm an objective guy...'

    Li Changzheng said that a good marathon is a race with so many runners running 2 hours and 10 minutes and running fast, which is the hard truth.Olympic champion Wang Liping is committed to the popularization and promotion of Chinese marathon in recent years.

    'I'm an objective guy...'

    in her opinion, the Tokyo Marathon has been successful in building momentum for the Tokyo Olympic Games.this competition is also a one-stop trial of Japan's domestic Olympic Games, in which Dazhong won the Olympic tickets by breaking the Japanese record.this selection method makes the athletes convinced.