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    4. In view of the shrinking trend of foreign demand orders, support enterprises to negotiate online and hold exhibitions online, take the initiative to grasp orders and promote cooperationstate affairs in March 24th. What arrangements did Premier Li Keqiang make at the two major eventsset by the Executive Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences? China government website (ID: Zhengfu) combed for you -- determined measures to promote manufacturing industry and circulation industry to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control while returning to work in an orderly manner. The meeting pointed out that the current global epidemic had a serious impact on the world economy and brought a series of severe challenges to the domestic economy

    . According to the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, comprehensive research should be carried out Step up effective demand, help enterprises, stabilize employment and other countermeasures, and do a more targeted "six stability" work. We should continue to do a good job in scientific and accurate prevention and control, deal with new cases in a timely manner in accordance with the regulations, and release information publicly and transparently. On this basis, we should actively and orderly promote the resumption of manufacturing and circulation industries1. Maintain the stability of the supply chain of the industry chain, and cooperate in a timely manner Adjust and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the resumption of the whole manufacturing industry chain, especially to ensure the production and export of enterprises and key products that have an important influence in the global industrial chain. 2. Cultivate and expand new forms of consumption, develop online retail, catering, consultation, education and other services, unblock the consumption network of community residents

    , support the development of rural e-commerce, and promote the sale of agricultural products3. Accelerate the implementation of the established policies and measures to support small and medium-sized micro enterprises and individual businesses. Operating profit increased by 87.1% to 4.02 billion yuan. Operating profit also exceeded Anta's main brand, which is still the group's strongest growth engine

    . Even if the performance is so outstanding, the test brought to Anta Group by 2020 is still very arduous. Of course, the epidemic situation is the most realistic problem. At the performance conference, Anta Group's executive director, Ji Zheng Jie, the group's president, said the impact of the epidemic on Anta Group in the past two months was very big. In the five weeks from the end of January to the end of February, more than 80% of the physical stores were closedoffline stores are still the most important source of income for Anta Group

    . According to the financial report, the number of stores in Anta and Anta children's stores totaled 10516, and there were 1951 FILA related stores, There are 136 desant stores, 185 kolonsport stores, 36 kingkow stores less than last year, 41 at present, 114 sprandi stores, "the overall business in the first quarter will have a big deviation from the forecast before the epidemic, the main brand of Anta is about 20% - 25%, and the FILA is about 10% - 15%," Zheng Jie said

    the market began to warm up in March, according to the content released by the official wechat At present, 95% of Anta Group's stores are open normally, the return rate of its own factories is 100%, and the outsourcing factories have recovered more than 90% of their production capacityZheng JieIt is believed that Anta Group's performance will tend to be conservative in the first half of 2020, and hope to return to normal level in the second half. For Anta Group, the test is still behind

    . The first is cash flow. Billions of inventory and the cost of human resources that need to be continuously transfused even during the epidemic are all points to be notedfinancial report data show that as of December 31, 2019, Anta Group The group inventory reached 4.4 billion, an increase of 52.3% over 2018, and the average inventory turnover days also increased by 6 to 87 days. Although under such a large volume, 4.4 billion inventory is not eye-catching, 87 days is also health data in the industry, but in the first three months of this year, the overall sales were greatly affected by the epidemic, and it is inevitable that there will be a larger range of inventory backlog

    as a solution. Zheng Jie released the results At the meeting, it was said that at present, Anta's main brand is also strengthening its contact with dealers, adjusting the futures orders of Q2 and Q3, down 10% - 15%, and adjusting the return and exchange policies, so as to ensure the operation of dealers. According to the financial report data, by the end of 2019, Anta Group had 30800 employees, an increase of 5800 compared with the end of 2018, and the ratio of employee cost to income The increase of 0.8 percentage points also oppresses the cash flow

    . In fact, among the 18 billion cash highlighted by Lai Shixian, 1 billion euros, or nearly 8 billion yuan, is the zero interest guaranteed convertible bonds issued by Anta Group on January 14, 2020. This money was issued on February 5. Although as of December 31, 2019, Anta Group held more than 12.6 billion cash and cash Gold equivalents and bank deposits, but due to the existence of bank loans and notes payable with a total value of more than 9.2 billion, Anta Group's net cash at the end of 2019 is only 3.4 billion yuan. The second test lies in the impact of sports marketing

    epidemic on various competitions and the marketing of sports brands. "In fact, we have made a complete set for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Marketing preparation, now the Olympics should be postponed"Zheng Jie said," not only the Olympics, but also the crazy campus basketball league, NBA China tour, etc., now it may not be able to carry out smoothly"the global spread of the epidemic led to a large number of sports activities, sports events delay or cancel, so that the original54001Novel coronavirus pneumonia spread in China.the city of Italy became the worst hit area. Affected by the epidemic, Ma Xiao's concert courses, master classes and other practical courses were cancelled.he could only stay at home. He was worried: a famous tourist city, where the crowded streets before suddenly subsided, he felt like

    , but he chose to stay inChinese medicine. After the treatment team came to Italy for support, Ma Xiao played the violin on the balcony. At the beginning of the track "my country and I"

    , he was a little nervous. He was afraid that his neighbors didn't understand, but soon he entered the melody, and slowly released

    . At the end of the song, people began to applaud around the balcony. He felt very proud